Forensic Detectives: Mysteries and Solutions DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 55
Copyright: 2005

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In this engrossing episode, students work alongside real-life forensic investigators who glean amazing information from physical evidence. Segments cover the study of archaeological finds, site evidence, DNA, and the human body.
  • A PUZZLE FROM THE PAST: Travels Napoleon Bonaparte's route to Moscow with scientists seeking the identity and cause of death of skeletons discovered in a mass grave.
  • CLUES TO A CULTURE: Unearths the mysterious ruins of Zimbabwe, where archaeological evidence points to a once-thriving center of African civilization.
  • THE VALUE OF EVIDENCE: Investigates cases that involve the authenticity of artwork; the scrutinizing of tire tracks, carpet fibers, and dog hairs to bring in a criminal; and the use of DNA to exonerate an innocent man.
  • HINTS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH: Reveals the lifetime record of eating habits that the human digestive system provides.