Frozen Planet: On Thin Ice DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 44
Copyright: 2011

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A BBC/Discovery Channel Co-Production. David Attenborough investigates the uncertain future of the earth’s polar regions. As global temperatures rise, the landscape, wildlife, and people of the Arctic and Antarctic bear the brunt of the changing climate. In the Arctic, polar bears struggle to find food as the sea ice on which they hunt forms later and melts earlier every year. Villagers in northern Alaska recall the days when they were able to walk out onto the frozen sea, but those days are now a distant memory. Scientists diligently examine the rate at which the Arctic ice is melting. In Antarctica, glaciers have clearly retreated in the last one hundred years, and ice-loving animals like Adélie penguins are being pushed aside by more temperate penguins. NOTE: This program contains content that portrays animals in their natural environment and may be disturbing or inappropriate for some viewers. Please preview before showing in class.