Frozen Planet: Winter DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024709
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 43
Copyright: 2011

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A BBC/Discovery Channel Co-Production. There is no greater challenge for life than winter in the polar regions. At the top of the Arctic Circle the sun sets in fall and does not rise again for five months. The program examines the essential relationships and adaptations that allow plants and animals to survive winter in the polar regions. In the Arctic, the presentation focuses on the habitats and hunting practices of ravens, wolverines, voles, least weasels, wolves, and wood buffalo as they struggle to find food during the coldest months of the year. In Antarctica, the program follows emperor penguins as they battle the elements to protect their eggs from fierce polar storms. Meanwhile below the ice, sinister ice stalactites strike the ocean floor capturing and killing everything in their path. NOTE: This program contains content that portrays animals in their natural environment and may be disturbing or inappropriate for some viewers. Please preview before showing in class.