Genetics DVD Set of 5

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024221
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 231
Copyright: 2002

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DVDs include:
  • Discover Magazine: Genetics - What is DNA, and how much of our life is predetermined by genes? In this episode, three segments explore this complex and controversial field.
  • Your Genes: Your Future - Today's scientists are making great strides in understanding how heredity affects our health and other aspects of our lives. Four segments address the role of genetics in modern medicine.
  • Human Genome - It's a project of enormous magnitude: mapping the human genome. Learn how what began with the discovery of DNA has led to the understanding of which human genes are responsible for specific human traits, including growth, development, health, and even personality.
  • Understanding the Power of Genes - Can we, and should we, start shuffling the biological deck after four billion years of evolution? Scientists are about to deal us this hand, and biotechnology is going to be the game of the next century, according to experts.
  • The Clone Age - Cloning was the stuff of science fiction, until a sheep named Dolly made the process frighteningly real. The Clone Age explains the science that undergirds the controversial practice of cloning.