Hand in Hand: The Ultimate Community Collection 9-Pack DVD


SKU: DC980839
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 140
Copyright: 2003

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Marc Record

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Incorporate this exciting new series into your social studies, language arts, and guidance lessons and give youngsters the information they need to succeed and excel in their communities. Designed to support Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, the programs examine how communities meet the wants of their residents, how they are similar and different, how and why they are interdependent, how they interact with the physical environment, and how and why they change. Fostering cognitive and affective development, each program focuses on a driving question about communities, demonstrates the concepts and skills related to the featured question, relates local community ideas to regional and global contexts, and emphasizes the importance of diversity. A selection from children’s literature and an original song reflect the theme of each program, engaging young students in a fun, memorable way. Don’t miss this all-inclusive, curriculum-based series!