History through Art: Ancient Greece CD-ROM


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Format: CD-ROM
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Runtime: 49
Copyright: 1992

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View some of the most outstanding sculpture and architecture found in ancient Greece from the early archaic period through the Hellenistic age. Over one hundred vivid examples of these masterpieces, including Charioteer of Delphi, Discus Thrower, the Parthenon, and the Great Altar of Zeus, convey the humanistic spirit and magnificence of this civilization and emphasize the interdependence of its religion, government, social life, and art. The program shows how ancient Greece set the standards of culture and government for Western civilization; analyzes Greek ideals in sculpture and architecture; and compares the styles of early and late Greek art. Every student, whether in a history, world civilizations, or art class, will gain greater appreciation for the "glory that was Greece" and the outstanding legacy that the Greeks left us.