History through Art: The Pre-Modern Era CD-ROM


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Format: CD-ROM
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Runtime: 40
Copyright: 1992

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Marc Record

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Study the diverse artistic movements that developed during the second half of the nineteenth century. The social, political, and economic background of the era is extensively discussed, reflecting its influence on the art and artists of the time. Numerous artistic developments, from the emergence of realism to the rise of impressionism to the escape into art nouveau, are presented with depth and clarity. You can present this beautifully illustrated program as an exciting supplement to any discussion of the culture and philosophy of this period or use it equally well in any history, art, literature, or music course that studies this all-important era. It studies the emergence of realism and advances in engineering and technology; the development, through Manet, Monet, and other artists, of impressionism; and the progression of modern movements like expressionism and art nouveau through Seurat, van Gogh, and others.