Inside America's Military Academies: Surviving the First Year DVD

AIMS Multimedia

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 48
Copyright: 1999

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Surviving the First Year, part of the Inside America\'s Military Academies series, introduces viewers to the Class of 2002 during their grueling first year. Viewers get a firsthand look at life in a Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard Academy, witnessing everything from the admissions process to basic training and the day-to-day routine. In addition to their academic courses, cadets are required to participate in at least two hours of athletic competition a day. They\'re also required to memorize military knowledge, keep their rooms in inspection order, and their uniforms clean, pressed and polished. The program provides insightful media support for Life Skills units on career orientation, goal-setting, and skills training. An Arnold Shapiro production.