Investigating Dinosaurs DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC011643
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 25
Copyright: 2000

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Get in the dirt with paleontologists as they search for clues about dinosaurs of the land, sea, and air. See what these once-dominant reptiles may have looked like and how they lived. Amazing recreations make it real, and bring students back to the dinosaur era! Land Dinosaurs: Predator or Prey — Eat or be eaten. That was pretty much the law of the land for early reptiles. This video gets students up close to observe some of the behavior dinosaurs adapted for attacking predators and defending themselves. Giants of the Ocean: Adaptation — Such adaptable creatures! What did dinos do when competition for food on land was intense? They moved to the ocean! See how dinosaurs made the remarkable transition from land to water. Flying Reptiles: A Mystery of Wings — How did reptiles learn to fly? Scientists were puzzled for a long time, but your students can find out right now as they observe paleontologists recreating the wing structure of the pterosaur. Students, beware! There are some unexpected things about these flying giants.