Junkyard Wars Kit: Cool Cars 2-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC023860
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 60
Copyright: 2004

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Marc Record

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Featuring the science behind the hit TV show on TLC! Challenge your science students with Junkyard Wars Classroom Video Kits. Experience Newton's Laws, Bernoulli's Principle, and force and motion in a whole new way.

Episodes in this kit:

Hot Rods
Episode Challenge: Build a dragster car.
Program Overview: To compete in a race, one team builds a hot rod with a heavy engine while the other builds a car based on a rail with a light body and less powerful engine.

Off-road Vehicles
Episode Challenge: Build a racing buggy.
Program Overview: To build a vehicle that cam complete an off-road rally course, one team customizes an old VW beetle and the other builds a light sand rail.