King Tut Unwrapped: Royal Blood DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024427
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 87
Copyright: 2009

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World-renowned Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass leads an unprecedented forensic investigation into the life and times of King Tut that reveals for the first time the identity of Tut's parents and grandparents. The program follows the delicate, first-ever DNA extraction from Tut's mummy that sets into motion a series of cross-reference studies to determine the Boy King's family. Based on historical records and previous digs, Dr. Hawass determines Tut's father could be one of three Egyptian pharaohs: the successful and popular second king of the Eighteenth Dynasty Amenhotep III; the radical and controversial Akhenaten, who moved Egypt into the age of monotheism; or the little-known Smenkhkare who reigned just prior to Tut's rule.