Law Enforcement Health and Wellness DVD

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC870352
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 30
Copyright: 1994

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Law Enforcement Health and Wellness presents information that will expand officers' understanding of the impact that nutrition and exercise have on short-term physical performance and long-term health. Host Marty Michelman is a training officer with the Suffolk Co. (MA) Sheriff’s Department, as well as a Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and graduate of the Institute of Aerobics Research. Michelman discusses how officers can improve their health and wellness, and covers such topics as: understanding food labeling, shopping for healthful foods, nature’s snack foods, and which fast foods are the more healthful choices. He also provides practical instructions regarding strength development, flexibility exercises, and aerobic activities -- in other words, how to get healthy and stay that way.