Lollipop Dragon Explores Communities 4-Pack DVD


SKU: DC979583
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 52
Copyright: 1994

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Marc Record

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Join Lollipop Dragon and Apple Blossom as they explain to their young friend   Bitty Dragon what a community is! Bitty, refusing to leave his warm cave, needs the encouragement of Lollipop and Apple Blossom. They show the young dragon examples of various kinds of communities—urban, rural, and suburban—and help him make the decision to "enter the larger world." Lots of live-action sequences show city, rural, and suburban life in many of their aspects. Key words are carefully defined and shown on the screen. An additional feature of the program is the inclusion of brief, optional preview and review sections, which summarize the main topics. Delighted young viewers will learn basic social studies facts and concepts as they follow Bitty in his attempt to understand and make a decision.