Man Made Marvels 3-Pack DVD

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Destiny Determined: Power and Ritual in Asia DVD

Learn about the history, culture, and people of China and Japan. Segments take students traveling across time and continents for a close-up look at these ancient nations.

Behind the Great Wall: Explores the history of the Great Wall of China and the Dynasty of Qin Shi Huangdi.

Story of the Silk Road: Examines the history of the Silk Road, trade, and the Han Dynasty.

Secrets of the Samurai: Looks into the science and technology of Samurai sword making and the history of Japanese ritual.

Between Two Cultures: Japanese in America: Introduces Japanese students living in America and the problems they encounter in embracing two cultures. Through historical documentation and modern-day accounts, students learn how China and Japan have endured, changed, and established their roles in today's world.

Asia's Expansion: Treasures and Travels DVD

The world's largest continent is also home to some of its oldest civilizations. Trek across Asia's geography and history for a look at the cultural forces that have shaped this diverse continent. Includes one feature and three shorter segments.

China's Unified Empire:Explores the great dynasties of ancient China and their transformation from a collection of warring states into a single empire.

Lost Treasure of the Yangtze Valley:Shows how modern construction is destroying some of China's ancient artifacts.

Mongols and Warlords — Examines the end of China's Golden Age and how feudal warlords made an indelible mark on Japan's history and culture.

India's Faithful:Profiles the birth and evolution of Hinduism and Asoka's role in the growth of Buddhism.

Asia: Tradition and Culture DVD

From Japan's ancient ceremonies to Australia's unique history, students will be fascinated by the heritages represented. This colorful presentation encourages understanding and appreciation of cultures and traditions worldwide. Segments convey the joy and reverence of numerous celebrations and rituals.

Ancient Warriors: Chronicles the proud, intriguing history of Japan's samurai.

City In The Sky: Surveys engineers' remarkable plan to build a mile-high building in the center of Tokyo.

Fire and Water: Portrays the celebrations and festivals that mark important times of year for the people of Thailand.

A World of Its Own: Explores a wide variety of geographic and cultural events in Australia, which is both a small continent and a large country.