Measure for Measure: Lengths and Heights DVD

Discovery Education

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Runtime: 55
Copyright: 2005

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Track the origins of standard and metric measurements, and find out why accurate measurement is essential to scientific practice. Segments include
  • PERFECT MEASUREMENTS: Accurate measurement is essential to scientific practice. Measuring time correctly is important in laboratories and the real world.
  • WAVES OF DESTRUCTION: Take a look at the characteristics of ocean waves including tsunamis, the high-energy waves that can grow so destructive.
  • GOING THE DISTANCE: Learn the origins of the foot, inch, meter, and other measurement systems and find out why standard lengths are so important in the world.
  • THE HEART OF HEALTH: When you train with an athlete, you can easily see how an exercise regime affects the cardiovascular system.
  • THE HEIGHT OF ILLNESS: When a mountain climber attempts to summit Mount Everest, he quickly learns about the dangers of altitude sickness.