Medical Diary 4-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024041
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 88
Copyright: 2001

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Aortic Time Bomb - After being diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm, Cliff Godwin discusses his family’s history of heart problems and the severity of his situation. The program follows Cliff and his wife Betty as doctors perform tests to evaluate Cliff’s treatment options and determine the best course of action. When denied for less invasive procedures, Cliff decides he must have open surgery to repair the potentially fatal condition. In the operating room, surgeons show how a stent is used to strengthen the wall of an artery as well as share the risks and complications that can accompany the procedure. *NOTE: This video contains actual surgical procedures. Please review before showing.

Conquering Crouzon's - For patients with severe facial deformities, craniofacial surgery offers a chance at a normal life. The program introduces Melissa, a young woman who suffers from Crouzon's syndrome. A genetic disease, Crouzon's causes the bones in the face and skull to fuse too early, resulting in facial abnormalities. Melissa hopes surgery will help correct her problem and boost her physical and emotional well-being.

Kicking Nicotine - Follows one man's struggle to quit smoking and emphasizes how support from loved ones can help a smoker beat his addiction. The program introduces Dutch, who has been smoking for fifteen years, and accompanies him to a stop-smoking therapy group at his local hospital. Along with group therapy, Dutch receives a nicotine patch to help reduce his physical cravings.

Living with Autism - Autism is a neurological disorder that leads to problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, rigid behaviors, and poor social interactions. The program describes what life is like for autistic children, some of the early warning signs, and the resources available for autistic children.