MTV's Scared Straight! DVD

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SKU: DC870501
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 42
Copyright: 2003

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In this program a dozen juvenile offenders meet the "The Lifers" at East Jersey State Prison. The Lifers use explicit language and brash tactics to show the teens what their lives would be like in prison. Graphic accounts of prison violence, oppressive restrictions, and daily existence without family, loved ones or the simplest pleasures of life are pounded home with unremitting frankness. The goal of The Juvenile Awareness Program is to influence the teens to do a 180o turn away from their criminal and antisocial behavior. Like its predecessor, the Academy and Emmy Award-winning "Scared Straight!", this new documentary pulls no punches in impressing on its audience that prison is the last place any of them would ever want to end up. This program contains graphic language and discretion is advised.