No Kinda Life DVD

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SKU: DC870634
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 20
Copyright: 2003

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Marc Record

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No Kinda Life is a stark documentary filmed inside Louisiana State Penitentiary. Prisoners “tell it like it is” about losing their freedom while still in their teens – due to drug-related crimes. This emotionally-charged program paints a no-nonsense portrait of crime-and-punishment and its long-term effects on the lives of youthful offenders who didn’t fully think through the possible consequences of their drug-related criminal actions. As inmates relate why they’ve been locked up, grim images of their prison environment provide the backdrop to the hard labor of their daily routine. The loss of personal freedom and the reality of a world without family, loved ones, or the simplest pleasures of life on the outside are driven home with unremitting frankness. The program concludes with compelling advice for viewers to seek help before turning to drugs and crime, to make the right choices in life, and to not allow crack cocaine or any other dangerous substance to ruin their lives and rob them of their futures. The hard-hitting message of No Kinda Life is an effective addition to any drug prevention presentation.