NORTH AMERICA: Outlaws and Skeletons DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024864
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 48
Copyright: 2013

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NORTH AMERICA: Outlaws and Skeletons explores the 500,000 square miles of desert in North America’s Southwest. In this parched land, water drives all life. From Utah’s Great Salt Lake to the Gran Desierto of Mexico, plants and animals fight for survival using astounding adaptations. Spadefoot toads emerge from the bone-dry earth after waiting 10 months for a rare desert rainstorm. Harris hawks work as a team to capture prey among the spines of towering saguaro cacti. California condors battle back from the brink of extinction in Arizona’s Grand Canyon. In the barren landscape west of the Rocky Mountains, life has not only found a way to survive—it has flourished. NOTE: This program contains content that portrays animals in their natural environment and may be disturbing or inappropriate for some viewers. Please preview before showing in class.