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Runtime: 42
Copyright: 2007

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Marc Record

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Follow rivers as they course from mountain to the sea, nourishing unique and dramatic wildlife and shaping the land. Recognizing that all life on land depends on fresh water, the presentation emphasizes the importance of rain in the water cycle and how animals from grizzly bears in British Columbia to cichlids in Africa’s river valley use fresh water to protect, nurture, and teach their young. A look at South America’s Pantanal wetlands and such key animals in the food chain as the red-bellied piranha reveals predator-prey relationships essential to completing the circle of life. Focusing on many of the world’s most spectacular lakes, waterfalls, streams, and wetlands, the program uncovers exceptional animal species and adaptations including the crab-eating macaque’s amphibious lifestyle, developed while living in the Sunderbans, the world’s largest delta in West Bengal, India.