Scared Silent: Child Abuse DVD

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC024126
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 21
Copyright: 1994

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Every day, parents cross the line that separates discipline from child abuse. Oprah Winfrey introduces three incidents where parents crossed that line.

One woman traces her family abuse back five generations to the Civil War era; Her uncontrollable rage caused the death of her young son after she hit him in the eye with a curtain rod. A father, and former abuser, talks about family psychological and emotional abuse; After victimizing his five children for years, he sought help and now devotes his life to helping other abusers and their victims. In another incident, an abusive young mother had her daughter taken away after beating her; The mother entered a counseling program designed to help parents find effective ways to handle their problems.

This useful program provides effective support for discussions about child abuse, family violence, juvenile safety and injury prevention, and youth-at-risk issues. May also be useful as ancillary support for discussions/teaching about children of alcoholics/children of divorce, parenting skills, anger management, stress management, self-esteem, substance abuse, and suicide prevention.