Scared Straight! DVD

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SKU: DC863183
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 53
Copyright: 1978

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Peter Falk hosts this Academy Award and Emmy Award winning expose about juveniles who are "scared straight." This critically acclaimed program paints a gruesome and brutal picture of what really goes on in prison and how the prisoners themselves are the best deterrent for crime. Juveniles are brought into New Jersey's Rahway Prison---a maximum security prison. The "lifers" are the teachers who tell the kids what prison is all about---such as the badly scarred "lifer," who was gang raped his first day in prison. He leaves nothing to the kids' imaginations---every sordid detail is pounded into them. Other graphic accounts of prison violence are offered as the juveniles see and hear about the convicts grim lives. The once cocky kids are faced with the sobering reality of crime and punishment. If you ever thought crime pays---SCARED STRAIGHT will set you straight! The program contains graphic language and discretion is advised.