Science Is Elementary 12-Pack DVD


SKU: DC984195
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 180
Copyright: 2001

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Marc Record

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Look no more if you have been searching for high-quality videos that cover all major areas of your elementary science curriculum. Designed to meet state   curriculum standards, these excellent programs deliver solid content. In addition, Lori Laboratory, the charming and entertaining host, will hold your students' interest. Set includes the following titles:                                 
  • How Does That Work? Electricity and Magnetism             
  • How Does That Work? Simple Machines                     
  • The Living World: Ecosystems                            
  • The Living World: Plants                                
  • What in the World? The Earth Explained: Earthquakes and Mountains                                               
  • What in the World? The Earth Explained: Weather and Climate
  • What Is Science? Science Fair Projects                  
  • What Is Science? Scientific Inquiry                     
  • What's in Space? Stars and Planets                        
  • What's in Space? The Earth, the Moon, and Space Flight    
  • What's Inside Your Body? Bones and Muscles/Nervous System 
  • What's Inside Your Body? Heart and Blood/Digestion and Respiration