Solar System 5-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Copyright: 2000

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Includes: Understanding: The Universe- Visit the world's great observatories and prime stargazing sites. Learn how scientists survey the sky to track supernovas and black holes, The Solar Empire: A Star Is Born- Learn more about our sun, from its genesis to its eventual status as a lifeless white dwarf. Discover intimate details of the planets, provided by the Hubbell Space Telescope and Voyager probes, Discover Magazine: How Big is My Universe- Astronomer Sheldon Schafer converted Peoria, Illinois, and its surrounding areas into a scale model of our solar system to demonstrate the immensity of outer space distances, Discover Magazine: The Solar System- Discover what scientists have learned since manned exploration began 30 years ago, from whether there is life on Mars to what lies beneath the swirling gas storms of Jupiter, and Destination: Mars- Join a simulated mission to Mars, complete with interviews with astronauts, cosmonauts and NASA personnel, and archival footage.