Teen Files FLIPPED: Drug Use And Addiction DVD

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC857573
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 21
Copyright: 2002

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Self-absorbed teens Cory and Eva prefer the "high" life, and use drugs to achieve it. Eva's main goal is fun, which for her means getting high with her friends. Cory uses drugs to "experience life to the fullest", but feels torn between his drug habit and his love for family and friends. To avoid his mother's nagging, Cory has previously run away from home. When they are "flipped" for a day, Cory's emancipated from his Mom and heads out by bus to another city where he's hassled by one stranger and "rescued" by another. Eva's asked to co-host an MTV program. Eva's co-host and Cory's rescuer turn out to be heavy drug users who steal to support their habit, suffer withdrawal, and overdose themselves into the hospital. These exposures to the dark sides of drug addiction, and additional revelations about HIV infection and drug-induced brain damage, cause the teens to swear off drug use and reconcile with their families.