Teen Files FLIPPED: Racism DVD

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC857847
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 21
Copyright: 2002

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As this program begins, teenager Michael openly expresses distrust and dislike for minorities. Chris says he doesn't judge his friends for being racist and that he respects their point of view.

Chris is invited to join high-profile record promoters as they listen to a new band and meet rap superstar Coolio. Although the promoters have jobs that Chris envies, his admiration of them is challenged when he realizes that they are filled with racist attitudes.

Michael is asked to be a mentor for Mike-Mike, an African-American boy. Since he has little experience with minorities, Michael feels awkward at first, but Mike-Mike's enthusiasm helps the situation. The two face several challenges together, including a run-in with Mike-Mike's racist neighbors.

Along the way, Chris and Michael must confront their prejudices and make new choices. They are forced to reevaluate their feelings, especially when each of them gets "Flipped"- coming face to face with the frightening consequences of hate. The program contains graphic language and discretion is advised.