Teen Files: The Truth About Body Image DVD

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC857805
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 21
Copyright: 2001

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Marc Record

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Teens are faced with many pressures regarding body image, such as the muscle men and waifish women featured in ads and magazines. This program shows its teenage participants how popular ideas of "beauty" damage teens physically and psychologically. Teens comparing themselves to the "life-size" - and completely unrealistic - proportions of Barbie and Ken dolls illustrate the connection between such idealized images and student consumption of steroids and diet pills. Visits to a magazine modeling session and computer graphics artist show how the models and clothing are manipulated and photos are altered to ensure the models' appearance fits the currently accepted image. Even these supposedly "perfect" people aren't what they seem. A trainer for the San Francisco 49ers discusses steroids, and Keena Turner, a former San Francisco 49er, relates how he became a Super Bowl champion without using steroids; former model, Magali Amadei recounts her painful battle with an eating disorder. Compelling media support for Health, Guidance and Life Skills units on self-esteem, resisting peer pressure, behavioral choices and consequences, eating disorders, alcohol and drug education, suicide prevention, youth-at-risk, and family life issues.