Teen Files: The Truth About Drugs DVD Short Version

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 30
Copyright: 2000

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Every twenty-four hours 3,500 teens will try illegal drugs for the first time. Today, four million Americans currently use drugs and it is painfully clear that "Just Saying No" is not enough. By asking teens what they think about drugs and then having experts teach them the facts, host Leeza Gibbons takes us through an in-depth look at the dangers of drugs and their effects. A number of organizations in San Diego, Bakersfield, and Seattle help by bringing the realities of drug use and overdose to these teens and their families by showing them what it is like to live a drug nightmare. The teens are taken to a jail to see what it would be like to be incarcerated for selling drugs, a hospital clinic for rape counseling, a convalescent home to visit a drug overdose victim, a morgue to view internal organs of dead kids who have been "huffing", a neonatal unit to hold premature babies born addicted to drugs, and a treatment center as a young teenager struggles to overcome her addiction. They receive a first hand look at the dangers of drug addiction. The Teen Files: The Truth About Drugs is a powerful program that graphically demonstrates to teens the effects of various types of drugs on their self, friends, babies, and family. The damage drugs do to their body is not always apparent and today's teens often overlook the dangers they face when using such as rape, homelessness, suicide, jail time, and the inability to focus and study.