The Earth: Inside and Out DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 30
Copyright: 2005

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This examination of Earth's composition and forces includes the following segments:
  • Energy From Earth's Interior and #151; Shows how heat plays a fundamental role in shaping Earth's surface.
  • The Earth's Crust and #151; Explores the differences between continental and ocean crust.
  • Plate Tectonics and #151; Reviews how Earth's crust is constantly changing.
  • Volcanoes and #151; Shows how the collision of tectonic plates sends hot magma shooting up through fissures in the crust.
  • Earthquakes and #151; Explores how earthquakes are created and why some of the most dangerous ones occur on the ocean floor.
  • Mountain Building and #151; Examines how friction and stress along plate boundaries have created some of the most dramatic land forms on our planet.