The Feudal System: Castles at War DVD

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Runtime: 55
Copyright: 2005

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The Feudal System: Castles at War The fall of the Western Roman empire created a power vacuum, in which feudalism began and flourished. Explore the political system that prevailed in Europe for much of the Middle Ages. Includes one feature and three shorter segments.
  • The Rise of Feudalism and #151; Looks at how Western Europe became a violent and dangerous place after the fall of the Roman empire and how out of this chaos Feudalism emerged.
  • Secrets of Britain's Castles and #151; Uncovers the history and legends behind Britain's most-famous fortresses, including exhilarating escapes and barbaric battles.
  • Medieval and Renaissance Europe and #151; Shows how the Christian church and European kings came to power, and examines the effects of the Crusades and Black Death.
  • Early Modern Europe and #151; Journeys to Italy to explore how developments in science, religion, philosophy, and the arts gave rise to a cultural reawakening across Europe and #151; and beyond.