The Roots of Religion DVD

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Runtime: 55
Copyright: 2005

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Several of the world's religions were cultivated in the land known today as the Middle East. Tour the region's past to learn about the origins of Judaism and Islam, and then examine the worldwide practice of Islam. Includes one feature and three shorter segments.
  • In Search Of Eden and #151; Follows scientists and theologians attempting to prove that Mesopotamia was the setting for the Book of Genesis.
  • Ancient Middle East and #151; Visits the ancient civilizations of Sumer and Egypt, and tracks how the Hebrews created a lasting culture and religion.
  • Islamic Civilization and #151; Shows how the prophet Muhammad's teachings gave birth to a religion that spread across and beyond the Middle East through trade and conquest.
  • Islam: Past and Present and #151; Explores the history and teachings of Islam, from Muhammad's struggles to the beliefs and practices of Muslims today.