The Science of Plants 3-Pack Gr. 3-5 DVD

Discovery Education

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Includes: The Science of Plants: Diversity: It Takes All Kinds: Plants are such an ordinary fixture in our daily lives that it's easy to forget just how crucial they are to our existence. From mosses to ferns to sea plants, explore the intricate and wondrously diverse world of plants and see some of the many species that play a starring role on the blue planet, The Science of Plants: The Life Cycle: Generation P: Plants, like all living things, have a life cycle that is unique to them. See how seed germination is the first step in a series of intricate processes that eventually leads to a mature adult plant, and then back to a seed, and The Science of Plants: Nature's Neighbors: Take a look at the complex and extraordinary processes that enable plants to thrive in their environments. While many animals are mobile, to some degree, plants are unable to move on their own. Since they can't flee from predators, scavenge for food, or migrate when temperatures become too extreme, see how plants respond or adapt to the challenges posed by their environment.