The Story of the Solar System DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 30
Copyright: 2005

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How did the universe and Milky Way galaxy form? What danger do solar flares pose to our planet? In what ways does Earth differ from others planets in our solar system? And is Pluto really a planet? Includes four feature segments.
  • Formation of the Solar System and #151; Explores the theory behind the formation of the universe, Milky Way galaxy, and solar system.
  • Solar Energy and Wind and #151; Looks at solar flares and solar winds to see how these affect life on Earth.
  • The Planets and #151; Reviews the inner and outer planets of the solar system and the scientific controversy surrounding the categorization of Pluto.
  • Orbiting the Sun and #151; —Examines comets, asteroids, and meteors along with the geologic clues space debris reveals.