Time Warp: Samurai Sword Master DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024299
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 20
Copyright: 2008

Alt Formats:

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Series: Scientists and digital-imaging experts come together to reveal amazing reactions that are unobservable with the naked eye.

Program: MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman, along with digital-imaging expert Matt Kearney, use the latest in high-speed photography to demonstrate key science concepts. In this program, a samurai sword master and a pool champion provide on-set demonstrations that allow viewers to learn about momentum, energy, and speed, while a trip to a laboratory specializing in the study of hummingbirds reveals how they are able to maintain equilibrium while hovering at a bird feeder. Comparing the differences between plate and tempered glass, the host wraps up the program by creating an interesting coffee table for the studio.