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Everything is matter. All matter comes in one of four states: solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. The least well known state, plasma, occupies most of the visible universe, more than ninety-nine percent, in fact. Einstein’s showed that matter can be converted into energy and energy into matter. Even air is matter, it exists as a gas. This can be seen when a hot air balloon lifts off the ground. The hot air trapped inside the balloon, being less dense and lighter than the surrounding air, rises, taking the balloon with it. Superheat a gas and it becomes plasma. All stars and interstellar gases are plasma. On Earth, we can see plasma in lightning and neon lights. Sometime between ten and twenty billion years ago, all matter, and the universe itself, was born out of the energy of the big bang. Scientists are trying to understand how matter formed using particle accelerators that cause atoms to collide. The energy and particles created by the collisions may offer clues to the universe’s beginnings. To see the other three states of matter in action, observe the only substance that can exist in all three states, water.