Water Smart: Water on Earth DVD

United Learning

SKU: DC009191
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 15

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Marc Record

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The majority of Earth’s surface is covered with water but it’s mainly saltwater. Through vivid video examples, kids gain awareness of varied types of bodies of water on our planet and how they are connected. We learn that water is not just liquid and it’s not always surface water. Different phases and properties of water are presented as students compare and contrast glaciers, groundwater, wetlands, aquifers, lakes, estuaries, oceans and streams. The program ends with a true/false video quiz. Written materials reinforce vocabulary and motivate students to learn. Eight experiments and demonstrations are included that kids can duplicate using simple materials. Students practice math skills while improving skills in observation and measurement. A dozen Internet references will help teachers develop additional material while providing kids with links they can visit for fun and education.