We the People: A History DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 30
Copyright: 2006

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Examine the history of democracy and the creation of American government with students in grades 5-8. Explore the foundations of democracy and take a look at the creation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Includes five segments:
  • American Roots and #151; From the laws of the ancient world to the capitalism that shaped the first colonies, explore the many influences on American government.
  • Colonies to Nation and #151; See how the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment set the stage for the colonies' conflict with Britain.
  • The Declaration of Independence and #151; Examine the values and ideals set forth in this document that unites us as a nation.
  • The Constitution and #151; Review the debate around James Madison's plan for a central government with three branches.
  • The Bill of Rights and #151; Discover how these protections of individual rights were planned during the writing of the Constitution.