What's Inside Your Body? Heart and Blood/Digestion and Respiration DVD


SKU: DC983981
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 19
Copyright: 1999

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Marc Record

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Travel with host Lori Laboratory as she leads students on a remarkable journey within the human body. The three-part program, utilizing the latest digital technology, begins by taking students on a tour of the human heart. While there, students will discover its capabilities, its vital functions, and follow the path of the entire circulatory system. The program then moves to the human digestion system and investigates the process by which humans convert food into energy. Finally, viewers will follow Lori through an explanation of the human respiratory system. The interactive menu allows users to watch individual topics of interest or the entire program from start to finish. The program contains an on-disc glossary and can be viewed using either a DVD player or through a computer equipped with a DVD-ROM drive.