World History Library 5-Pack DVD

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Copyright: 2004

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The World History video library covers all of the historical periods in world history. More than 50 video segments (7-10 min. each) exploring history's most memorable moments. Videos and segments include:

The Iceman, The Nile, The Great Wall of China, The Lost City of Shang

Ancient Civilizations
Greece, Ancient Rome, Alexander the Great, Zimbabwe: The Lost City of Africa

The Medieval Era
Life in the Middle Ages, The Black Death, Byzantium, Conquerors: Suleyman the Magnificent

The Modern Era
Galileo's Telescope, The Forbidden City, Peter the Great, French Revolution

Contemporary History
Apartheid's Last Stand, Normandy, Escape from Berlin, Taliban in Afghanistan

DVD extras: pre-and post-viewing questions; thematic units on History, Culture, and Economics; and regional maps.