World War I and Its Aftermath DVD

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Runtime: 54
Copyright: 2004

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What were the events that led to this conflict, and how did the world change as a result? Four segments explain the political setting, strategies, and realities of "The War to End All Wars."
  • Rise of Nationalism: Traces the growth of nationalism in the early 1900s by focusing on oppression in Czarist Russia.
  • World War I: Explores the causes of "The Great War" and what life was like for a solider fighting in the trenches.
  • Death from Above: The Red Baron: Documents scientists' use of forensic evidence and detective work to determine who shot down the German flying ace.
  • Communism and the Soviet Union: Explores the fall of czarist Russia toward the end of WWI, and the birth of Communism.
Archival images and modern-day research form a compelling account of how soldiers, citizens, and nations fared during the war and its aftermath.