World War II DVD

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Runtime: 54
Copyright: 2004

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Examine the causes and effects of this monumental conflict. Four segments chronicle the unfolding of World War II, from the prewar days of the Great Depression to the tragic legacy of the Holocaust.
  • Days of Dust: Shows how the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl affected American citizens before the United States became involved in World War II.
  • Fall of the Third Reich: Explores Adolf Hitler's underground bunker and the attempts to erase it from history.
  • Triumph at Normandy: Examines how concerted Allied military activity drove the Nazis from the coast of France.
  • In Memoriam: The Holocaust: Investigates the Nazis' coordination of the Holocaust and the conditions inside the concentration camps.
This in-depth study encourages students to consider the realities of WWII and how its impact continues to be felt in our world today.